Constance Bardwell

A survivor of Jonbri


Constance Bardwell is one of the survivors of Jonbri, currently a farmer at Emmon’s Fields.  Constance was 13 at the sack of Jonbri.  Wounded in the flight and with none of the other survivors who made it to Fairbanks able to care for another mouth, Constance stayed at Fairbanks Cathedral on charity until she could make the journey to her uncle’s farm.  Her aunt and uncle took her in, but were unable to provide more than a token dowry.  Constance finally married at 18, when she accidentally became pregnant by an older man of village named Dresden.  Constance and Dresden have a single child, a boy named Valiant.  They are a poor couple and unhappy, and Valiant is the only light in Constance’s life.


Constance Bardwell

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