Carolina Darren

First daughter of House Darry and Lady Darren


Carolina Darren is an auburn-haired beauty. She stands tall at 5’7", and moves with unconscious grace. Her face blends her mother‘s softly rounded features smooth skin with her father’s strong jaw and pronounced cheekbones. Her eyes are a soft brown, and framed by thick lashes. At twenty-five, her limbs are still clean and strong, even after giving birth to five children.


Carolina has trained since birth to be the lady of a noble House, and wears her responsibility well. She is skilled in the arts of economics and management, holds a wealth of knowledge about the families and personal lives of her noble peers and vassals, and is a master of etiquette. Though only twenty-five, her cool courtesies can instantly make knights twice her age feel the weight of her position.

Carolina is the daughter of Hugh and Adeline Darry. She married Lord Carolus Darren at the age of seventeen, and spends most of her time at Darren’s Shield on the House Vaar border. Despite this, Carolina remains close with her siblings – particularly her brothers Hugh and Connor, who as boys fought many a “joust” in the Orkhold yards to defend their favorite sister’s honor.

Carolina is characteristically aloof in public, a trait she and Connor acquired from their mother. However, she craves the company of other women and believes strongly in the sanctity of time spent among her sex. In such company, the statuesque Lady Darren transforms into a young woman who loves board games, gossip, and recounting in gleeful detail her many and varied sexual exploits with her husband. Indeed, though she has no martial skills herself, Carolina loves the thrill of exertion and danger. She often accompanies her husband hunting, and is an indefatigable fan of tournaments.

Carolina has had five children, all male. Three have survived infancy: Gaius, age seven; Robert, age six; and Howard, age four.

Carolina’s birth arms were adamant, a pale sanguine, a lioness rampant proper. As Lady Darren she adopted the arms barry embattled chalybs and adamant, a lioness rampant proper.

Carolina Darren

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