Cameron Traver

A ten-year old lady-in-waiting


Cameron “Cammy” Traver is a ten-year old lady-in-waiting to Philippa Darry. Cammy has long, straight brown hair and dark brown eyes hidden behind luxurious curled lashes. She is tall for a ten year old, standing ____.

Cammy is a serious, studious child who is mature beyond her years. She is ferociously intelligent and learns almost too quickly for her teachers. At the age of ten she is already proficient in dance, singing, harp, and oboe, can do sums better than some scribes, and embroiders as well as girls half again her age. Every task set before her she masters with quiet diligence. She is almost unnervingly well spoken, and comfortable around adults of all stations.

Cammy dresses with polish but no flair. She wears cottons and silks in brown, red, and gold with green accents, almost all of which were gifts from Philippa.


Cammy is the only daughter of Sir Cameron Traver, a knight of the scouts sworn to Connor Darry who holds a small keep west of Green Rivers. Her family is relatively poor, leading Philippa to give Cammy almost an entirely new court wardrobe. Fostering a girl at Green Rivers is a great opportunity for the Travers, and Cammy is determined not to waste what the Emperor provides.

Cameron Traver

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