Arlen Fraser

Clerk of Green Rivers


Arlen Fraser is the twenty-six year old clerk, or head scribe, of Green Rivers. As such, he oversees a small staff of five other scribes in providing the written records the castle may require. Arlen and his staff work particularly closely with Steward Selman, Maid Cooper, and Valet Smithers, helping those servants to keep the many written records their jobs require. They also pen correspondence for Connor Darry and Philippa Darry, although Sir Connor frequently prefers to write his own letters.

Arlen is fairly tall for a Novan, standing 5’8", but perpetually skinny to the point that Cook has made it something of a personal mission to fatten him up. So far, Arlen’s metabolism has resolutely resisted her best efforts. He has lank brown hair that he keeps rather too long to be fashionable, nearsighted brown eyes, and a strong beak of a nose.

A shy man more at home with his inks and parchment than socializing, Arlen has never married and many expect he never will. He is an exceptionally reliable soul, however, and does not easily countenance bullying. These qualities have led Seneschal Seldon to entrust him with a key to the castle’s store of coin, and many farmers and merchants would never guess that the unflappable keeper of the coin who holds court at the counting house at Green Rivers can be sent scurrying to his room with a mere invitation to a country dance.


Arlen Fraser

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