Alan Seldon

Seneschal of Green Rivers


Alan Seldon is a thirty-year old scout, a man-at-arms who fought with Connor Darry at Bloodmist Woods when Alan was twenty-three. Sir Connor bonded with Alan during that campaign, as a first-time soldier often will with a slightly more experienced man, and appointed him seneschal of Green Rivers when he was given the castle. A castle’s seneschal is its master’s representative when no other is available. He is the assurance that no matter where the master’s duties may take him, there is always somebody empowered to exercise his feudal authority physically present in the castle.

As a result, it is important that the seneschal be a man of some social standing. Alan came from a good family and already had a personal bond with Sir Connor. The appointment was a high honor for the Seldons, which helped to assure that Alan would be loyal to the man who gave it.

Alan has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He still practices with the castle garrison to maintain his martial skills, though castle living and a better diet than he was accustomed to before becoming seneschal have left him slower and heavier than he once was. He is not a brilliant administrator, but he is charismatic and fair, which are arguably more important qualities for a seneschal. He still has a soldier’s touch, which endears him to the castle servants to a certain extent, and has enough respect for authority to maintain Connor’s dignity when he must deal with those higher born than himself.


Alan’s wife Harriet has no official function at Green Rivers, other than to assist her husband in the performance of his duties. They have one son, Stuart, a boy of thirteen, who frequently shadows Corran Selman as a sort of unofficial apprentice.

Alan Seldon

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