Adeline Darry

Lady of House Darry


Adeline Darry is a handsome woman who, at 5’3", is physically overshadowed by her husband, Lord Hugh Darry. She has an oval face with soft, smooth skin. Her lips are small, and regularly enhanced with cosmetics. At forty-three, Adeline’s cheeks have begun to sag and her hairline has begun to recede, though her luxurious brown hair retains the color of its youth. Despite her slight size compared to her husband and beauty that has begun to fade, Adeline still presents a commanding figure. She holds herself absolutely straight, walks with a stately, unhurried pace, and carries her chin held high. Through long practice, Adeline rarely faces anybody in public by turning her head; instead, she turns her whole body square on to the person she is speaking – a subconscious physical challenge that, combined with her lofty station and commanding body language, leaves her in charge of most conversations before they begin.


Adeline has been lady of House Darry since she was twenty-two. She was born the first daughter of House Sanders, and married then-Sir Hugh Darry when she was fifteen. As masters of Skullbreaker, House Sanders has long been considered House Darry’s most important vassal House, so Adeline’s marriage to Hugh was a matter of feudal politics. Theirs has been an able partnership from the start, and Adeline’s direct personal influence was an important factor in consolidating Hugh’s hold on the House early in his rule. It came to be a marriage of love after seven years, when they had four children and Hugh defeated his first orkish invasion. It was only then that Adeline allowed herself to see that her husband was not only a mighty knight and intelligent ruler, but also a man who loved his children regardless of their political importance and who deeply felt his personal responsibility to safeguard those who lived on his lands. With this allowance came respect, an respect opened the door to love.

As a mother, Adeline has always emphasized to her children that feudal overlords must hold themselves apart from their vassals if they are to rule effectively and well. She and Hugh have raised a large family of accomplished children, but they undoubtedly set high standards, and each of their children has accommodated their parents’ pressure in their own ways.

Adeline’s birth arms were paley adamant, a pale marine, a hind sejant guardant proper. As Lady Darry she bears the arms adamant, a hind sejant guardant proper.

Adeline Darry

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