Forty-Third Session

Fortieth of Bloom
seventh day of the new moon (waxing crescent)

Session Notes

Olive Mollin, Valon Sarqhardt and Polynikes Callistos continued to search for Polynikes’ “lost” armor. In reality, Olive was attempting to prevent Polynikes from recovering his gear. As they rested, the three were ambushed by orks wearing Night Vision Goggles and armed with large weapon spells. Though naked and armed only with his knife, Polynikes attempted to protect Olive and Valon. The second ork prevented them from fleeing, while conversing with them in heavily accented but fluent Gothic and tried to engage them in betting on whether Polynikes or the other ork would prevail.

Philippa Darry and Connor Darry set out for Green Rivers with the entire population of Ashlance, leaving the injured Gol Traben in the care of his men. They heard Polynikes’ struggle with the ork, and husband and wife set out to investigate.

Polynikes put up a terrific fight against the first ork, but was not as skilled in hand-to-hand as the alien. Philippa and Connor arrived just in time, slaying both with their Hunting Lances in a surprise charge from the jungle. Philippa recognized both “Gaius” and “Orville” while Connor assisted Polynikes. Despite his many grievous wounds, the angel seemed confident that he would recover, and indeed his bleeding was already slowing. He ransacked the contents of the orks’ rucksacks, and the five returned to the convoy.

Polynikes reiterated his desire to locate his “wargear,” and Olive reluctantly volunteered to look for it while he rested. She returned with the panoply and her other scavenged weapons.



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