Forty-Seventh Session

Fifth through Eleventh of Harvest
twelfth through eighteenth days of the new moon (waning gibbous)

After burning Ibram Halsteen’s remains, the column continued on towards Green Rivers, eventually emerging from the jungle on the eighth of Harvest to a late thunderstorm. Despite the inclement weather, the column’s rate of progress increased considerably.

The column quickly came across signs of orks beyond the jungle, sighting their “death helicopters”, as well as vehicles with Content Not Found: warbike and four wheels, only kilometers distant. They also encountered the site of a battle between orkish and Imperial Guard vehicles, which Polynikes Callistos judged the orks likely won from the “doughnut” tracks left on the savannah.

The column encountered three Salamander Scouts from the 894th Revenier Mechanized Reconnaissance, apparently acting as scouts. The scouts were courteous, offering to share their rations (which offer Connor Darry politely declined), and warning the column that the Guard had decided to abandon the Umbran Jungle for lack of manpower. Polynikes asked if their lord commander had determined to arm the natives of Nova. The scouts did not know, though expressed their fervent hope that he would. Connor seemed interested by this possibility, but declined to give the scouts directions to Green Rivers even so. Instead, Polynikes instructed them how to contact him through his magic armor.

On the eleventh of Harvest, the column at last sighted the high walls of Green Rivers.



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