Forty-Ninth Session

Eleventh of Harvest
eighteenth day of the new moon (waning gibbous)

Philippa Darry and Olive Mollin enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at Hall. Connor Darry announced the disastrous results of the First Battle of Fairbanks, the invasion of the space orks, the Imperial Guard, and the coming of Vikram al Gerez. He also announced that, until such time as his brother returned from the Green Cape, he was assuming the lordship of House Darry, oaths of fealty to be sworn in two months’ time.

After Hall, Olive and Polynikes Callistos were invited to the West Drawing Room to discuss the defense of the castle. Polynikes had Olive present her plan for its defense, including training the garrison, Philippa, and Connor in the use of lasguns. Afterwards, back in Fawkes’ Tower, Olive nervously confessed to Polynikes that he was a girl, news that he found much less shocking than she had feared.

Valon Sarqhardt was unable to eat any of the food provided to him except for the water. He continued to read the story of St. Ahriman, pondering its lessons and his allegiance to Tzeentch. Afterwards, he had a conversation with someone in the cell next to him – possibly a daemon, as he had seen when he entered the dungeon that the cell was empty – in which he wondered what the point of following Tzeentch might be if even Ahriman could not save his brothers with the god’s power. The voice replied that Ahriman himself had not yet given up hope. He simply lacked sufficient knowledge to complete his quest – but he scoured the galaxy even still, searching for a “black library” held by the Eldar deep in the webway that contained the secrets he needed.

That evening, Connor and Philippa slept in their own bed for the first time in months, while Connor worried about all of the correspondence that would have to be sent in the morning, informing his younger brother Content Not Found: anders-darry of the succession, calling for Valon’s inquisition, and demanding fealty from his new vassal Houses.

At Interlude, Philippa awoke to Connor reading by candlelight, glad to be in the company of his beloved books once more. The two sat down by the window to read together.

Olive had a dream in which Cyrian Dylan accused her of abandoning him at Fairbanks, and choked her in anger and sorrow. She awoke to find that her sixth fingers had once more elongated into tentacles and were in fact choking her. She attempted to free herself by sawing through them with her belt knife, but one tentacle instead wrestled the knife from her hand and stabbed her in the head. Unable to free herself from her fingers, she stumbled to the other side of the tower to awake Polynikes before passing out from lack of oxygen.

Olive awoke bound to a chair, her fingers cut off, facing Polynikes in full panoply. He demanded to know how long this had been going on.



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