Forty-Eighth Session

Eleventh of Harvest
eighteenth day of the new moon (waning gibbous)

The column arrived at Green Rivers to a happy welcome by the castle’s staff. Polynikes Callistos and Olive Mollin were given a suite of honor in the lavishly appointed Fawkes’ Tower, greatly impressing the younger members of the garrison. Connor Darry invited the entire castle staff to Hall that evening.

Meanwhile, Valon Sarqhardt was quietly taken to the castle motte and locked in the dungeon. In the pitch blackness of his cell, he asked Content Not Found: st-veronica for help to read his grimoire, which began to glow with a ghostly light. By the witchlight of his grimoire, Valon began to read the story of St. Ahriman.

In Fawkes’ Tower, Polynikes immediately began to help Olive analyze the castle’s layout with an eye to its defense, instructing her in the use of modern weaponry against fortifications and beginning to introduce her to armored warfare (with a particular injunction to fear ork walkers). For dinnertime, servants measured her for fine clothes of cotton and linen.

Philippa Darry and Connor enjoyed several hours of private time for the first time in weeks, including enjoying a hot bath. Connor said that he planned to recount the events of the First Battle of Fairbanks to the castle, as well as assume the lordship of House Darry at Hall. He and Philippa dressed for Hall, and descended to meet their castle staff.



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