Fifty-Second Session

Twenty-Third through Thirtieth of Harvest
first through seventh day of the new moon (waxing crescent)

Session Notes

Countess Buhallin and her retinue left Green Rivers with an agreement from Connor Darry to receive Vikram al Gerez as soon as he could make it to the castle to discuss providing Novan support to the beleaguered Imperial Guard. As a gesture of goodwill, the Dyrmosemen left three trailers’ worth of lasguns, chain weapons, armor, and other supplies with the castle, which were quickly incorporated into Polynikes Callistos’ daily lasgun drill.

Though Connor and Philippa Darry worried about how deeply entangled their House would become with the Guard, Connor saw no chance of effective resistance if they could not meet the Guard on more equal terms militarily, which necessitated working together for the time being at least. In the meantime, messages were dispatched to every castle and surviving lords and knights in the territory, proclaiming Connor’s ascendance to the seat of House Darry and demanding fealty.

On the thirtieth day of the month, a herald arrived announcing the arrival of Philippa’s requested inquisition, to pass on the subject of whether or not Valon Sarqhardt was a witch or sorcerer. The cardinals – Lawrence Firenzi, Drusus Vita, and Rowan Dale – would arrive the following day.



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