Fifty-First Session

Thirteenth through Twenty-Second of Harvest
twentieth through thirtieth day of the new moon (new moon)

Session Notes

Life at Green Rivers fell into a routine of training, fortification, and productively absorbing the Ashlance villagers who escorted Philippa Darry and Connor Darry to the castle. On the day of the new moon, Olive Mollin and Polynikes Callistos spotted riders approaching the castle: riders of the 99th Dyrmose Horse, a squad of ten splendidly attired knights attended by twice as many escorts and three Trojans.

The newcomers were led by Matthea Buhallin, whose rank Polynikes identified as placing her second in command of the entire Dyrmose regiment. They were received in the great hall of Rivers House, a feudal ceremony with which they seemed comparatively at ease. Countess Buhallin treated with Lord Darry like an equal, saying she was there to treat with House Darry on behalf of Vikram al Gerez for whatever assistance House Darry could provide.

Despite her lordly manner when received, at dinner that evening Countess Buhallin seemed uncomfortable, and ended up speaking primarily with Philippa. The war, she explained was going poorly, and the Imperial Guard needed as much as it could in the way of assistance: men, provisions, even just maps or local guides.



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