Fiftieth Session

Eleventh and Twelfth of of Harvest
eighteenth and nineteenth days of the new moon (waning gibbous)

An agonized Polynikes Callistos made the decision to spare Olive Mollin, avoiding the topic of her possible corruption by Chaos after a few hesitant questions. The two dressed Olive’s wounds, and went back to bed.

The following morning, Philippa Darry and Connor Darry joined most of the castle garrison and not a few of the Ashlance villagers in basic lasgun drill, substituting sticks when their meager supply of lasguns was exhausted. Afterwards, Polynikes walked the walls alone, still visibly uncomfortable around Olive. Connor retired with Arlen Fraser and his staff to write official messages to new vassals, as well as requesting that the Ecclesiarchy convene a board of inquisition to determine Valon Sarqhardt’s fate.

Unable to eat the food he was brought, Valon asked his guards to be fed with raw fruits and vegetables. Philippa assented to this, and also permitted Theodosius Kirkland to visit him in his cell to counsel the prisoner. Valon and Preacher Theo had a long conversation, over the course of which Theo became increasingly convinced that Valon was in fact guilty of heresy. His attempts to get Valon to see the error of his ways failed, as did Valon’s attempts to get Theo to see that the sack of Jonbri was emblematic of the fundamental injustice of the feudal order. A shaken Theo informed Philippa that the prisoner was unrepentant, and recommended that he be isolated as much as possible lest his ideas spread.



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